Your resume is a marketing tool, your resume is a legal document

Your resume is a well crafted, precise and articulate document intended to interest a hiring manager who will invite you to an interview.

A client once told me he had spent 12 hours crafting his initial resume. That is a huge chunk of time away from one’s job search. A professional resume writer can write a resume in one third the time and guarantee a saleable piece of work.

Whether you are employed or in transition, your preference should be for a professional resume.
When looking to have a resume written, you want someone who can:

  • delve deeply within the foundation of your skill set and accomplishments
  • pull out your “professional wonderment”
  • find your magic and
  • convincingly so hiring managers can see instantly what you can do for them.

Only a Career Specialist and a Writer can achieve the level of excellence you require.

A well scripted resume gives you confidence and a sense of pride. It highlights your true self and makes you proud to market yourself. A well scripted resume gets you the interview.

When you or someone you hear of wants to update or create a new resume, I would appreciate your recommendation:

Colleen Clarke, at 416-686-3079

colleen clarke, your resume pro
Colleen Clarke has been writing resumes for middle to senior managers for over 20 years and has assisted over 7500 people through their time of career transition as a Career Specialist. She has written hundreds of resumes and proofed and edited hundreds more, from every walk of life, at every level within organizations, associations, Not for Profit, and for government, media and the trades.

Colleen is an author, a columnist and an ESL instructor. She writes for Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, as a workplace advisor for the column ‘Nine to Five.’ She has prolifically written articles and columns for numerous job search sites, commuter newspapers and magazines. She is a best selling author of Networking How To Build Relationships That Count and has an e-book, How To Get a Job and Keep It.

Colleen Clarke is “your resume pro.”