A Toronto Resume Writer Shares Insights: Tip #2

Tip #2

There are certain words on a resume that are totally useless, that do not evoke any visuals in the reader’s mind. Replace them with an actual action verb the reader can see or imagine you doing.

Stay away from words like:

  • Handled
  • Worked
  • Assisted
  • Responsible for
  • Ability to

Replace them with:

  • Handled: Counted, liaised, problem solved
  • Worked: collaborated, created, team led
  • Assisted: start with the verb you assisted someone in doing
  • Responsible for: same thing, start with the verb
  • Ability to: this means you could do the job if asked but do not necessarily have the experience. If you can do the required task, use the skill to start the sentence.

A Toronto Resume Writer Shares Insights: Tip #1

Put your present or past tense action verb, at the beginning of each of your accomplishments. Adjectives and adverbs that proceed an action verb take the oomph out of the verb and can be redundant, usually unnecessary.

Example NO: Assisted the project manager to create, develop and implement…
Example YES: Created, developed and implemented…in collaboration with the P.M. of the project.

Example NO: Successfully negotiated…
Example YES: Negotiated… if it wasn’t successful you probably wouldn’t be putting it in your resume.

Example NO: Annually processed 10, 000 accounting documents…
Example YES: Processed 10,000 accounting documents yearly, including… OR on an annual basis OR annually.